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Some time ago, it was brought to our notice that free apps have their negative sides. To show the relevance of this statement, a report from eZanga, Security research firm revealed that there are 300 malicious apps can be found in the Google Play Store.

There’s no doubt that Google Play Store is the safest and most assured place to download applications that won’t have terrible effects on the smartphones. However, some apps have found ways to cause ill effects to the smartphones by just downloading them. To make the apps have more effect, the apps are actually free. It’s a terrible idea to make the malicious apps free. That’s why free apps should be looked into well before they are downloaded.

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These apps do not introduce malware into the smartphone but they make use of means that are not so direct to cause havoc to the smartphones. One of these ways is the fraudulent ad clicks. These fraudulent ad clicks have cost advertising firms about $6.5 billion. This is a huge sum of money, I must confess.The strange thing is that some of these apps are beginning to have high number of downloads close to hundreds of thousands. The apps are created and submitted by bots to the Google Play Store. Some of the apps include: Tuneatpea Personalization and Attunable.

Also, these apps make the smartphone’s RAM consumption increased and increase the chipset/processor load. This could eventually lead to the drastic reduction of the battery life and might eventually damage the device.

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The apps might also generate hundreds or even thousands of active requests per hour. If it’s a slow day, the malware developer might get away with such act with the Google Play Store detecting it.

There are some steps to be taken to prevent the more effect of apps like these. First and foremost is to make sure what you’re downloading from Google Play Store is actually worth it. Also, don’t grant apps too much permissions that is beyond their main function on your smartphones.

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