AT&T first announced that it was shutting down its 2G network about four years ago. Also the network provider is said to have kept in constant contact with partners and customers who were still relying on 2G radios for the minimal exchange of information for business infrastructure, recreational, IoT or M2M.


However, yesterday, AT&T has announced that it is ready to move forward with 2017 with new vibes and technology and have therefore shut down its legacy 2G network, effective January 1, 2017.

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It would be recalled that AT&T Chief Financial Officer John Stevens told Wireless Week that the carrier had moved over 6 million subscribers off the legacy 2G network over the last 12 months, with the remaining 2G userbase largely consisting of connected devices.

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Still according to Steven, cost played a major factor in the decision to shut down the 2G network.

“There still is a lot of cost that is left just to operate even a piece of the 2G network. So we are anxious to capture that savings and use it to continue a strong EBITDA story for our wireless business.”

The US carrier also stated that the shutdown of the legacy 2G technology would free up spectrum so that it can be repurposed for other new wireless technologies like 5G or just plain-old LTE.

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