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Apple scheduled its big March event fot the 21st of this month, but there may be more to it. The event which was earlier rumored to be on the 15th of this month was allegedly pushed forward to the 21st — a day before Apple appears in court to face charges related to obstruction of justice pertaining to the Bernardino attack.
Apple's Tim Cook

Apple is to defend itself against the government for refusing to brick a terrorist iPhone — allowing the FBI access to critical information that may help it crack the mass shooting case. Its still unclear why Apple would scheduled an iPhone launch event just a day before it faces the Court. Pinning it on a coincidence is totally out of the picture, the date for the court hearing was fixed over a month ago, so there’s no way Apple could have been unaware of the close proximity of both dates. Apple is typically very deliberate when it comes to event scheduling.

Unless of course you have been living in a cave, you should already know by now that a federal magistrate judge in California has issued an order to compel Apple inc to provide technical assistance to the FBI in unlocking the iPhone of one of the San Bernardino mass shooters.

However, being just a day before its Court case, Apple may try to use the event in its favour. Apart from unveiling a new iPhone, an iPad and some Apple watch accessories, the company will almost certainly try to use the event to win over supporters. Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook is also likely to chip in the issue during the event. Frankly, I can’t imagine a scenario where Cook will let the whole event go by without commenting on their legal fight with the US government.

Also, keeping the issue favourably fresh in the mind of it supporters will ensure that somehow, the Cupertino tech giant will still score a big win no matter the court’s decision. After perhaps weeks or months of in-Court legal tussle — if the verdict is favourable, Apple will likely say “it’s a victory for user privacy”. The may not get a pat in the back by the government, but among its numerous fans and various supporters, Apple’s approval rating will surely soar high.

Similarly, if the verdict is however unfavourable, Apple will likely say “it’s an assault on user privacy”. Anti-government sentiments on user privacy will also likely soar due to subsequent debates on the issue. Nonetheless, Apple will be seen as the Knight in shining armour, spearheading the pro-user-privacy movement, a win win scenario for the tech giant.

Apple's CEO

Notwithstanding, Apple’s probable game plan may be it saving grace, but it could also be its Knockout punch. As US presidential candidate Donald Trump said; the line between politics and marketing is not as clear as it seem. Apple may be playing right into FBI’s on game plan. The FBI have been telling anyone who cares to hear that Apple’s User Privacy sermon is only a markeing strategy.

After adopting an end-to-end communication encryption back in 2012, Apple boasted about the decision and used it as a marketing strategy against its competitors. Apple made sure that even the company itself could not access encrypted user communication, giving it users a seemingly unparalleled user privacy.

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