The news of events of mobile devices saving lives during certain occurrences like mass shootings, robberies, and even during terrorist attacks. The recent of such occurrences is the event of a man who was saved by his Macbook Pro.

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The shooting rampage that recently occurred on Friday at the Fort Lauderdale Airport that left five people dead and eight others injured had a man left out of the casualties statistics is one helluva event. However, for what it’s worth, the man owes God… and his Macbook Pro, a whole lot of thanks.

The victim whose live was saved, Steve Frappier, while describing the event to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, he said, “he was shot in the back while taking cover on the ground. Steve felt something hard hit his back, at first, he thought it was only the luggage falling from the carousel. Little did he know that he was hit by a 9 mm bullet. The bullet from the gun traveled through an opening in the backpack and apparently hit his school-issued MacBook Pro.”

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Right after bloodshed was over, he went to the restroom and realized a bullet hole on his MacBook. Frappier said he was totally in shock when FBI agents found a 9 mm bullet in his backpack. It was then he realized that the gunman aimed to kill him in the first place, but the laptop took the bullet for him. “If I didn’t have that backpack on, the bullet would have shot me between the shoulders,” Frappier said.

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I’m pretty sure Mr. Frappier would live to remember that MacBook. What do you think about this?

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