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By now, chances are we’ve all probably come across rumors of Apple’s iCar. From speculation on possible prices, Launch date to whether it’s going to be fully autonomous, electric powered and a host of other weird and not so weird speculation. Anything Apple , for some reason screams “am cute” , and has a funny way of getting lots of peeps debating on it. That’s to be expected because Apple being Apple, innovation is virtually their watch word. However, innovation can either make or mar technology and Apple is no exception. Considering Apple’s penchant for extreme innovation, here is a list of some very cool innovations that may kill the iCar.
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Keyless iCar.

Yes, keys may sound so yesterday and totally outdated, but nothing really beats holding a smooth and cute car key and accessing your automobile with it. However, Apple might probably want to play smart and eliminate the use of traditional keys entirely. Rather than make physical keys optional, Apple would have you buy an iPhone, download an iKey App from Apple store for your iCar. Apple’s iCar will probably unlock when the owner comes close to the car’s door with an iPhone in tow. Don’t expect a keyport or worst still , a door handle, Apple will just probably slap a TouchID like panel to the sides of the car to replace them. Just swipe your hands to open when you eventually lose your iPhone or when your ikey app crashes or chop off the hands of the owner if it isn’t yours – its that simple.

Apple's iCar
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Routine Servicing and Maintenance

Ok, the million dollar question is? How many times have you successfully opened your iPhone to resolve minor technical issues like changing your batteries? Let me guess….. Never! Even if you finally lost it enough to open up your iPhone, there’s probably so little you can do. Similarly, expect the iCar to come with a big “Do not Open” sign on the bonnet. Each time your icar gets does normal car snitches, you would have make a trip to an Apple technician. Having to do basic things as refilling your washer fluid or your oil would probably cost you a substantial amount, guess why? Well, you would have to pay those Apple technicians to do it.

Apple Maps

I love apple maps for two main reasons – its on my iPhone and its smart enough to lie about my location. Well, you would never understand this point if your iPhone has a dumb version of the Apple map. However, if you are lucky enough to get the smart versions in your iCar then there are two possible scenarios. Its either you turn off the damn navigation system or expect to be led by Apple map to somewhere you never wanted to be most of the time. Nonetheless, don’t expect Apple to offer you an option of using Google’s map or whatever better option there is.


How many times have you updated your car’s OS or software? You Probably don’t even care to, even if there was an option for that. Apple will almost certainly have that covered. While the first release of the iCar will be nothing short of gorgeous, there will certainly come with lots of missing features, but don’t worry the missing features are definitely going to be available in the ‘next iOS update’. So if you are brave enough to own an iCar, then you should be ready to frequently read headlines like – “Apple fixes 9 bugs on its iCar OS but 3 more remains to be smatched”. Buckle up boys, Apple iCar has got an OS update and it will cost just a few bucks.


Apple sure knows a lot of things – my favourite among them is their not so ingenious way of ripping off its customers. You said want to own an iCar, it’s quite easy – just prepare a budget in excess of $55,000. At least the last time we checked the price of the much hype iCar was speculated to be $55,000, add up other expenses that Apple is most likely going to attach to owning am iCar and you got yourself a bank breaker. Its typical of Apple inc. to offer luxury products in addition to their presumably cheap ones, so expecting cars with custom Gold detailing which will be ‘ridiculously priced’ is totally plausible.

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