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Just like any product from the Cupertino based tech giant, Apple’s rumoured Car is definitely not going to come cheap. A 68 page analysis on Apple’s Automotive endeavors from ‘Jefferies & Co’ tech analyst predicts that the Apple Car will cost about $55,000 ( AUS$75,000).That’s quite a pricey piece of automobile, even at global standards. According to reports by Kelley Blue Book, published online by interest.com “Washington, D.C. is the only American metropolitan area in which a family earning the city’s median income can afford the average price of a new vehicle, which was $32,086 in 2013.” So if you are hoping to compliment your iPhone, iMac and iPad with erm.. and iCar, then you better start saving. For the record, Apple’s proposed car is going to be running on what internet nerds will call ‘electric juice’ – its going to be an electric car.
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Just like me, if you have never bought an electric car, I strongly suggest you take a look at this Comprehensive guide on buying an electric car. Being an Apple product, it is very likely the cars are going to come in different models, probably more pricier and cheaper than Jefferies & Co’s estimated $55,000 price tag. Apple fans that are hoping to navigate the streets of New York, Beijing, Tokyo etcetera with a car branded with an apple logo may have to prepare for extreme choices. Rumors from insider sources on the likely models suggests a huge price gap between them, some even has it that pricier models may cost 30 times than the more cheap ones. Its typical of Apple inc. to offer luxury products, so expecting cars with custom Gold detailing which will be ‘ridiculously priced’ is totally plausible.

The Electric Car Feud : Apple VS Tesla

Apple vs Tesla
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As unrealistic as it may sound, Jefferies & Co’s report actually adjudged Apple as the Victor in the Apple Vs Tesla Electric car feud.Jefferies & Co’s analysts predict that in four years time electric cars will be more widely accepted and that Apple will ship 200,000 units of its car as against the 50,000 projection made by Tesla for year 2015. Of course Apple’s brand recognition is expected to contribute to such an expansion of the electric car market. However, for a company that has Zero experience in the automobile industry, out-selling Tesla that has years of innovative experience will quite frankly seem herculean if not unfeasible. Personally, I for one believe that Apple’s jumping into the market with ‘outrageously pricey’ automobile smells like badnews at least for budget constrained Apple fans – Apple inc are better off producing IPhone’s.
Tesla factory

Marathon Recruitments

Obviously aware of the fact that the suck at producing automobile, Apple has gone on an aggressive recruitment of auto experts. According to insider sources, Mission Motors a promising automobile startup whose sleek electric bikes
drew comparisons to Tesla’s cars, ceased operations in May after losing Most of its top engineering talent to Apple’s ‘brain drain strategy’. “Mission had a great group of engineers, specifically electric drive expertise,” Derek Kaufman former cheif executive of Mission motors said. “Apple knew that, they wanted it, and they went and got it.” Investors started backing out of the Mission Motors Car project when they discovered that the auto startup had losed most of its top engineers to Apple, eventually crippling the startup. The defections is obviously fueled by Apple’s offer of a more secure future and significantly better pay packages.
Mission Motors is not the only victim of Apple’s aggressive recruitment drive, its potential closest rival – Tesla Motors – have had their own share of frustration ( fustration the apple style). For our ‘ not so tech savvy’ readers, here is Some quick facts about Tesla . CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk has publicly chided Apple inc. for trying to poach its engineers.Apple have allegedly been offering massive bonuses and significant salary bumps for those willing to come to work for the Cupertino based company.According to Blomberg reports, Apple has put as much as $250,000 in signing bonuses and 60 percent raises on the table for Tesla engineers it is after. Despite the tempting offer, only very few Tesla engineers have jumped ship, ironically Tesla have hired over 150 ex-apple workers during the same period.
Apparently, Apple has a thing for poaching engineers. A123 Systems an electric-car battery maker sued Apple for recruiting some of its top engineers, claiming it had been forced to abandon key projects. The case was subsequently settled on undisclosed terms. Apple has also recruited dozens of auto experts from car makers like Ford and Mercedece-Benz.

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