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Getting to the end of each year, Apple undertakes a rigorous task of sieving through thousands of new apps on its Apple store for “best picks”. This best picks represent a list of 25 apps the Cupertino based company considers noteworthy of a seat in its iOS apps hall of fame. Of course Apple is known for being extremely selective, and this year’s list contains some unexpected apps which is however unsurprising. This year’s list which was published on Wednesday includes a mixture of everything. It includes apps from different niches— from photography apps, communication apps to entertainment apps and more.
At the No.1 spot on Apple’s 25 best apps of 2015 is Livestreaming app Periscope, which was acquired by Twitter in January and then launched later in March. The app’s founders claims it has nearly 2m daily active users watching 40 years of video per day through their smartphones. Periscope enables any user to broadcast live video captured by their smartphone’s camera to fellow Periscope users, then promote the stream on Twitter to attract more viewers. Periscope’s hour of fame may however be shortlived if it doesn’t device ways to fend off potential competition from companies like Facebook — Periscope’s main rival in the future may most likely be Facebook. The company introduced a feature called “Live” to its Facebook Mentions app. The feature which is currently only used by verified public figures like musicians, athletes and politicians enables them to broadcast live video to their Facebook fans.
At the No.2 spot goes Enlight by Lightricks. Designed for both iPhone and iPad, Enlight is a photography app that offers jaw-droppingly more than your average photo editing app. With enlight , photo editing couldn’t be more easy and fun. It make room for huge creativity and the result is astonishing. While other photo editing apps are either relatively useless or too complex to use, Enlight is both extremely useful and surprisingly quite simple to use. Below is the list of Apple’s top 25 apps;

1. Periscope by Twitter Inc.
2. Enlight by Lightricks Ltd.
3. Robinhood – Free Stock Trading by Robinhood Markets, Inc.
4. Workflow: Powerful Automation Made
Simple by DeskConnect, Inc.
5. Instagram by Instagram Inc. (Best App
on the iPhone 6s)
6. HBO Now by HBO
7. Hopper – Airfare Predictions by Hopper
8. Darkroom – Photo Editor by Bergen Co.
9. Lark – Personal Weight Loss Coach &
24/7 Nutritionist by LARK
10. The Everything Machine by Tinybop Inc.
11. Pacemaker by Pacemaker Music AB
12. Tandem – Language Exchange by Tripod Technology
13. Jet by Jet.com
14. Timeline – News in Context by Timeline.com, Inc.
15. Vee for Video by Medious
16. Fit Men Cook – Healthy Recipes by Nibble Apps ltd.
17. Spark – Smart Email App for Work by Readdle
18. RefME – Citations Made Easy by RefME
19. Wildcard – Know the Day in News and Entertainment by Coopkanics Inc.
20. Paper – Notes, Photo Annotation, and Sketches by FiftyThree, Inc.
21. GIPHY CAM. The GIF Camera by Giphy lInc,
22. PRY by Tender Claws LLC
23. Reuters TV — video News by Thomson Reuters
24. Zova by ZOVA
25. Blue Apron by Blue Apron Inc.

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