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The talk on the mouth of everyone concerning the network category is the 4G network. The talk about 4G has almost gotten stale or simply put uninteresting. I call it uninteresting because it has become a normal integration in the most recent smartphones produced in the mobile market.

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While we in the “tech world” are still appreciating the effect and super speed of the 4G network, Apple has gone a step further to get the rights to work on the next phase of network type – 5G network.

Now, you’ll say in your mind “Apple ain’t got no chill”, one thing you should be certain of is that I thought of the same thing that’s running through your cerebrum. Let’s leave the thoughts and go straight to the main deal.

Reports have it that Apple previously applied for the license to work on the 5G network alias Millimeter wave. And not long ago, the licence to work on the millimeter wave has been approved.

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However, in acknowledgement of the fact that 5G network infrastructure has not been materialized, Apple is going to undergo the testing phase for the 5G network technology. And hopefully, before the testing phase reaches the endpoint, the infrastructure would have already been grounded.

As we speak, Apple has two facilities that will test the 5G network technology, and these facilities are located in California, USA.

A report statement from Business Insider stated, “Apple Inc. seeks to assess cellular link performance in direct path and multipath environments between base station transmitters and receivers using this spectrum. These assessments will provide engineering data relevant to the operation of devices on wireless carriers’ future 5G networks”.

It should be noted that not only Apple has taken the front lead in testing the next phase of network technology. Tech giants like AT & T as well as Verizon Wireless have started the testing phase of the wireless technology.

Well, I am of the opinion that the next set of iPhones might support the 5G network technology. We’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed, sit back and expect that Apple finishes the testing phase and implement the technology as soon as possible.

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