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Podcasts are an integrated app that brings you the best of news, music, and other things we love and are subscribed to. It helps us to get a total feel of what we love combined together as media in just one app. What’s more is that it even offers you a radio service and defies barriers to bring you signals that are not even in your country, or better still, your continent. They have been around for a while and having established their importance, deserve to be examined and credit to be given to those whom it is due in the aspect of producing quality podcast services. Below are then the 10 Podcast services that are available for your android smartphone right now.

1.Player FM

Player FM is one of the greatest podcast service providers that there is. Coming with 20 subscriptions that are available to the user free of charge for as long as they want to use it, it also covers a wide variety of services. Player FM also has a catalogue with over 500 niches for its users to pick from, ensuring you never get bored and you always have the best to pick from. One of the edge that it has over others is that with one account, you can run your podcast with Player FM on many interfaces, including your TV when launching Chromecast, fron your Android Wear, etc.

2. DoggCatcher Podcast Player

DoggCatcher is another awesome Podcast app that features easy-to-find new podcasts, posseses an highly configurable platform and also integrates the use of categories into its system, making it easy to find whatever it is your preferences are. It also has an active user community where the users of thje ap can interact within one another. One of the best features is that asides the fact that is can be synced with the Chromecast, it can also work with Android Auto systems.

3. BeyondPod

BeyondPod, which comes with a 7-day free trial which helps the user know what they are getting into is another beautiful app that allows you access to thousands of audio and video and as well, allows you to import them from FeedLy. It has a beaitiiful layout and nice touxh that is best enjoyed on a tablet.

4. Podcast Addict

Podcast Addict let’s you experience the ultimate podcast feel for free. The app comes in the Google Play Store at no cost. Ads may pop-up at the base of the app during use from time to time. If these are deemed disturbing, there is the option to remove the ads by making a full ad purchase.

5. PodStore

PodStore is a user-updated app that allows you to field podcasts from different walks of life and arrange them neatly into one place. It helps you keep in touch with the podcasts that you have personally selected. No more, no less.

6. Podkicker

If you’re not an heavy user of Podcasts and you just want to enjoy things as they are, Podkicker is just the app for you. Coming at a free price, it fails to offer features such as variable feedback but synchronisation with ChromeCast is still possible.

7. Acast

Acast offers you all the feature of a conventional podcast app and whith this, you might be tempted to ask what’s so special about it afterall. Well, Acast allows you to resume your video from break point, ensuring that you don’t miss anything and you’re up to speed.

8. PodCast Republic

With one of its benchmark features being the prescence of an offline player, Podcast republic is pretty much easy to use and appealing to both entry-level users and intermediate users of podcasts. It has a nice UI to look at too and offers wide variety of niches to choose from

9. PocketCasts

Pocket Cast is also another great podcast offering service that gives you the option of linking to the Android Auto. Asides the presence of such option to Chromecast, Pocket Casts enables you listen to podcasts online.

10. Stitcher Radio

With over 250,000 podcasts shows available, this provides an entry level for rookies in the world of podcasts. It provides access to people to search almost anything and pick any interesting topic to just start listening to.

Well, that’s is. Users, kindly try this out and suggest yours in the comments section likewise. Ciao

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