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Earlier this week, there was an update to the Google Allo which added Selfie Clips, the ability to capture your own GIF and share it with your friends. Well, today, the app received another update that brings one new feature among other things. Trust me you’d love this one. 

With this new update, Google Allo users will now be able to watch videos on full screen. Aside from the fact that you can watch videos in full-screen mode, right in the chat, the update doesn’t bring any other new features into the mix.

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Also, the changelog mentions some performance improvements, which are meant to enhance the chatting experience.

Well, I don’t think it matters at this point, the number or quality of updates Google Allo make and push into the store, the app does not seem like one to have a stand in Nigeria, or even Africa. The likes of whatsapp has already conquered the market here. You can check the Google play store to download this latest and updated version. 

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