Andy Rubin Rejects 500 million dao'

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I’m quite sure you have not forgotten the father of  Android, who last week showed off the first two products from his startup featuring a new smartphone as well as an internet-connected home speaker which could be said to share features with Amazon Echo and Google Home.

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If you haven’t, then it is my pleasure to tell you that this man has already, and surprisingly too, raised $300 million for his new smartphone startup, Essential, at a valuation of nearly $1 billion. Now that excellent.

According to Bloomberg, Andy Rubin filed paperwork on the investment late last month some time before he announced the creation of the two new products. The startup founder was close to the point of raising $100 million from Japanese tech giant, SoftBank but the plans were shattered as there was a conflict of interest with Apple which recently partnered with SoftBank on its $100 billion Vision Fund.

Before now, Rubin had raised $30 million for Essential from Playground Global and Redpoint Ventures, while other investors as displayed on the investor section on Essential’s website include Asian tech giants like Foxconn and Tencent.

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Well, this translates that Andy Rubin is not to worry about funding for his startup as his name (I think) has helped him garner as much funds as he can. Now he would have to worry about more pressing issues and satisfying his investors, and customers too.

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