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The moment when the creator of Android decides to go ahead and release his own smartphone, you would think he would automatically begin to make lots of money (because he created Android), but then, as it stands, I do not think he has an exclusive right to the Android OS. Maybe he does.

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However, the news is that Andy Rubin who created the Android platform, and is mostly referred to as the Father of Android has now released his own smartphone, and he calls it ‘Essential’, which might make us be tempted to think that this would just be another boring set of Android devices. Who knows?


According to Bloomberg, Essential has developed a proprietary magnetic connector for the phone that supports battery charging and also allows the user to add on hardware accessories to increase the phone’s functionality – the modular concept.

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Taking a deep look at the physical appearance of Essential, we would discover that it has a very-near-bezel-less design although the screen does leave some bezel at the bottom of the phone. Also presently, we don’t know how the display is going to fare, but according to reports, the phone will have a larger screen than the iPhone 7 Plus, which has a 5.5inch display. So maybe we should expect a 6.0 inches display.

There is no much information about the Essential phone as it is just being released today, but we would surely let you know when we do. For now, let’s hope Andy Rubin has something very different from the norms in store for us.

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BTW, what do you think about the name ‘Essential’? Is it just me or the name is actually a little boring?

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