Work in Progress Samsung Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition
Samsung Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition price and specs in Nigeria


Work in Progress Samsung Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition
Work in Progress Samsung Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition In Nigeria and Africa


It  can to our notice some month ago, that Samsung is working on Samsung Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition. well the picture above shows that the information received then is an indication that work is in progress concerning Samsung Galaxy S7 Olympic Edition.


Although you may not be aware, Samsung is in the habit of making special editions of its flagship devices. Two of such special edition devices are the Galaxy Note 3 Olympic Games Edition made for the 2014 winter Olympics in Russia and the more recent Batman-Inspired Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, among others.

The image did not give us the full gist about the development, many people has been asking us question about the device, of which we can not give full answer because we don’t know  when it will be released and in which country will it be available,Will athletes and employees at the 2016 Rio Games get one for free (like it  was the case at the 2014 winter Olympics)?.

The Samsung S7 olympics edition is the second edition of the Samsung Galaxy SY, I remember the Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition that only 200 pieces was released to Africa as a whole which cost a little over #310,000. The specs are going to be the same with the original specs of Samsung S7 just that will have more games, design and cover images that makes it different.

The price of Samsung S7 Olympics Edition price in Nigeria should between #270,000 to #350,000. The price have not been made official, this is just my prediction with a lots of gap. and you can always get at the official Samsung store in Nigeria or any of Slot Nigeria stores

I suggest we wait and hear from the horse mouth, i mean Samsung it self to give us the official briefing about the development. i know and believe they are the one to give us the correct information about the device.

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