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While we may, — as tech savvy humans — all hope to be able to one day play around with our iPhone without having to rush to the nearest repair center when shit hits the fan. There are more than a few variables in play that may see to it that such dreams remain just dreams. From the day Steve Jobs pulled out the first iPhone on stage at the Macworld 2007 event, there have been an astonishingly high number of iPhone damage cases. From “cracked, dropped, pummeled, kicked, and water-damaged” iPhones, you would be surprised at the number of iphones that has been lost to the legendary ‘poop water’. Nonetheless, Apple seems to be doing quite a job at making its iPhone users pay dearly for damages to the iPhone. Just as the iPhone doesn’t come cheap, repairs of the high end parts of the smartphone isn’t either. In the UK, Apple inc charges £139 for even the simplest work on a handset, such as replacing a cracked screen, though a hand full of companies offer similar repairs for as little as £39. But that’s not the end, in fact, it seems in countries like the US were there is an uneven craze for iphones , the amount spent to repair this “overpriced” (clearly my personal opinion) cuties far outweighs amount spent on repairs of other available and equally capable brands.
iPhone repairs

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According to data by American warranty provider SquareTrade , In the United States alone, owners of the Apple smartphone have spent well over $10.7 billion just for repairs of the iPhone from 2007 to 2014 alone. Further breakdown shows that from 2007 to 2012, which represents the “new kid on the block” era of the iPhone, Americans were charitable enough to dolce out $5.9 billion to sort out iPhone problems. Taking a 6 year period as benchmark (I.e 2007 to 2012) , it means that an average of almost $1b dollar was spent by Americans to repair their damaged iPhones. From 2013 to 2014, the situation only got worst, still employing the same survey methodology, Squaretrade reported that over $4.8 billion was expended by Americans for iPhone repairs in just 2 years. This represents a yearly average of $2.4 billion , a monthly average of $200 million and a daily average of $6.7 million in repair expenses between 2013 and 2014 ! Say all you want, but a $6.7 million repair expenditure for single smartphone brand is like we are in 2050 already.
In contrast, The total amount Americans have spent on repair and replacement of other smartphones put together, from Samsung, Sony, LG, Motorola to anything that is not an iPhone stood at just $12.8 billion. It may sound much at first, but breaking it down to individual brands leaves those figures begging for life support against Apple’s outrageously higher figure (again, this is clearly a personal opinion). Just taking into consideration the top 20 smartphone brands in the US , Apple’s iPhone gulps a whooping 46% of total overall repair expenditures incurred.
Squaretrade’s survey also revealed that a quarter of iPhone owners have cracked a screen at some point, with 15% currently using an iPhone with a cracked screen.Cracked screens can actually prevent iPhone owners from using certain features:
*40% of iPhone owners with cracked screens couldn’t read/send email or couldn’t use certain letters
*27% couldn’t use apps like Facebook, Maps or Uber
*20% couldn’t take photos
*20% couldn’t unlock the screen
The most common iPhone problems are cracked screens and water damage.
Accidental damages of this nature are not covered by Apple’s one-year warranty.

“As smart phones continue to improve, they become more tightly integrated into our busy lives leaving them vulnerable to accidents around the clock.”…….We were astonished at how many people drop their phones in the toilet as well as how frequently an innocuous drop from the hand actually killed the device. We look forward to seeing what the new iPhone X users report with regard to durability,”
— Ty Shay, CMO At SquareTrade.

Squaretrade surveyed more than 2,400 smartphone users, combining the cost of repairs, replacements and insurance deductibles for cracked, dropped, submerged, and water-damaged devices. Regardless of the type of accident, the most common lasting damage for users is the now commonplace cracked screen. A quarter of iPhone owners have cracked a screen at some point, with 15% currently using an iPhone with a cracked screen.

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