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“Alcatel go watch is not just a watch its a habit”.

Last year, almost every wearable technology firms were trying quite hard to convince everyone that wearables were cool, but only very few believed their theory. However, This year, smartwatch makers have hit the jackpot, tempting other tech firms and individuals to join the ‘smartwatch bandwagon’ . From LG to Samsung, Motorola to Asus,Philips to Huwei and ZTE, the list is seemingly endless. These tech firms have suddenly developed a thing for smartwatches. And more recently the consistently failed to disappoint. Among them is Alcatel with its flagship ‘ Alcatel Go Watch ‘.
With its bright , sleek and attractive appearance, the Alcatel Go Watch may have mercy on your wallet but it won’t go easy on your eyes. At just $150 (#29,850.00 or R10,000.00) depending on which part of the globe you come from, the price is cheap and not so cheap.This colourful, robust and rugged timepiece has some neat software tricks, and did i mention? Its waterproof too.
Also, the GO Watch has a unique emotion feature that can be activated with a long press on the home button. It basically brings up an emotion command, telling you to go do something — dive, rage, whatever, and you an share those “emotions” with the world . The emotional graphic is created from information culled from the heart rate sensor, gyroscope and accelerometer, so if you’re sitting around all day, it might tell you to go be active.
This is definitely not the prettiest smart watch you can buy but its highly customizable.The outer case and straps are all replaceable —the casing surrounding the display simply snaps off — allowing yout to customize the look of the wearable. Whichever you choose, it’s big, plasticky and colorful by design, though that’s obviously not going to suit every tom and dick’s tastes.
In addition to keeping track of your daily activity, the Go Watch monitors your sleep, and it can be looked up with your Android smartphone or iPhone to receive notifications and control music. There is also Alcatel’s emotion pulse measurement, which gives you small snippets of advice based on your heart rate.. The 225mAh battery should get you between 2 and 5 days of usage, depending on how you use it, at least that what Alcatel have been preaching all along.It’s also IP67-rated, so you can take it swimming in your pool or take a dive into the Atlantic Ocean without major issues.
 Alcatel Go Watch
apart from Alcatel being ridiculously smart enough to give its smartwatch a chunky plastic body that may look like kid’s toy watch, there is just a few other snitches. I for One, will Never buy a smart watch for $150(come on! I could get a cool tablet with that) if it doesnt offer spectacularly remarkable features. Depending on your definition of “spectacularly remarkable “, I would have considered giving it a shot if it offered sim slots,SD card slots,wireless charging and packed more electric juice per charge. Considering standard traditional watch batteries last like almost forever, a 1 week talktime would have probably made more sense. Another major flop is the body to display ratio. The chunky rubber body nearly envolopes the display area. No body really wants a tiny screen in a smartwatch unless of course you’re scheduled for an eye surgery just days away.

Bottom line…
The Alcatel Go watch is relatively cheap in comparison with other smart watches from big names like Samsung, LG and Motorola. It offers an almost same experience as with using smartwatches from big brands at a lower cost. It offers greater flexibility than it predecessor( the original Alcatel One touch smart watch) and is more customizable and user friendly. Apart from its few flaws, the Alcatel Go Watch is good budget friendly smart watch and I recommend for students and wearable technology enthusiasts alike.

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