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seedstar bamako

Seedstar has been up and all around the world , they have been in Africa and their most recent visit is to Bamako the capital city of Mali, this is the first time ever of seedstar will come to  mali but hopefully not last with aikocorp winning the first ever edition in Bamako.

Seed star is a switzerland based company who empowers startup companies after they’ve been put together against each other and the best have been shortlisted.

“Seedstars world is a part of the swiss group seedstar and they run startup competition covering sixty-five plus countries emerging and developing markets. their mission is to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through the promotion and investment in entrepreneurship and technology”

Seedstar Bamako took place on Sunday, September 4, 2016 with eight startups shortlisted to pitch

AikoCorp is a startup in the business of service providing, aikocorp allows hospitals and laboratories send medical results to patients confidentially through the use of SMS.

They outshone other startups present at the event in impact hub Bamako, transup were in second place, feuze, a motorcycle registration and insurance device came third.

Pharmoso, E-Keneya, AllianceJ, Orientkey, and HMV are the remaining startups who pitched at seedstar.

seedstar world bamako

Congratulations to aikoCorp has they have won themselves a chance to compete with startups from over 65 countries across the world  for  the grand prize of $1.5 million in equity investments at the Seedstars World summit in Switzerland later.  Other African startups that will be present at the world finals in geneva include kangpe who won in lagos Nigeria edition, chalkboard, accra ghana and south African edition winners will be present in geneva in april.

seed starup world



City Date Deadline
Tunis May 18th May 4th
Cape Town May 27th May 13th
Durban June 8th May 24th
Soweto June 14th May 30th
Johannesburg June 30th June 21nd
Gaborone Nov 4th Oct 24th
Maputo July 15th July 8th
Luanda July 27nd July 17th
Dakar Oct 7th Sept 27th
Abidjan August 27th August 17th
Accra August 21st August 11th
Lagos August 11 th July 26th
Bamako September 4th August 24th
Addis Ababa September 14th Sept 4th
Dar Es Salaam September 24th Sept 14th
Kampala September 30th August 31st
Nairobi October 14th Oct 4th
Kigali October 21st Oct 11th
Cairo October 22nd October 8th
Harare October 30th Oct 20th
Algiers October 30th October 16th



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