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From the look of things in the ‘tech earth’, we dwellers on the ‘tech planet’ are in one way or the other dependent on the opinions and feedback of users and customers’ regarding a particular good or service offered. This, if I’m not wrong is what we term as ‘carrying everyone along’.

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In order to make the ‘tech earth’ in Nigeria more gorgeous, an innovative Information and Communications Technology (ICT) hub based in Abuja, Aiivon has decided to make the co-creative workspace of the hub become public. What this simply means is that people who aren’t necessarily workers with the startup can make their creative works come into realization in this hub.

The announcement about the co-creative workshop going public which was made official will see the hub stamp a foot on the Nigerian setting as a niche of brilliant tech innovations and ideas. This is highly expected, as this is one of the key reasons the co-creative workshop was made public. The workspace is opened everyday of the week for creative minds to dish out their ideas.

The innovation hub, that is home to a co-creative workshop, executive offices, training room and a lounge, also boasts of different workspace plans. The hub’s workspace plans have different packages; with the minimum package costing N2,500(The Tourist Plan) and a maximum package of an executive office costing  ₦4 million per year (This package is called the Station) and other packages as well. The plans grants the users to internet access, branding right et al.

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Emphasizing on the aim of the startup is CEO of Aiivon, Attah Samson Igoche, who declares that the tech ecosystem will even be made more interesting with this move.

“We are creating a convergence of tech minds for effective collaborations, skill upgrades, hackathons, mentorship, etc. The hub provides a truly inspiring and high-energy environment that matches a rock-solid work ethic with loads of fun. You will find people you love working with and enjoy spending time with outside the office and you’ll enjoy creating innovative solutions with ease. And yes, you’ll love our internet speed,” explained Attah.

Web development, software development and graphic designs which are the strong points of Aiivon’s specialization will be the focal point of bettering the ecosystem’s tech experience. However, Aiivon has an ICT centre that acts as a base for these internet skills –web development, software development and graphics design.

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