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Let’s just say God has caught AfriOne today. It’s not that negative kind of catch though, I’m referring to the positive type of catch. This is because this is the second AfriOne device that willl draw our attention to the extent that we just have to give our readers a taste as well. There’s no doubt AfriOne is one of the hottest innovative prospects on the Nigerian soil at the moment. Another device that has been added to their record books is the AfriOne Transformer 2-in-1 tablet. At the mention of 2-in-1, you begin to perceive it has a dual function of some sort. Yeah, you aren’t wrong. It’s ‘Transformer’ name is also giving such suspicion. The tablet has the enablement to either function as a tablet or as a laptop (once the external keyboard is attached).


Tablets are made with large display sizes, right? This isn’t an exception (let me guess, you thought I was going to say it is an exception? *wicked smiles*) Yeah! The tablet’s display size is 10.1 inches for maximum viewer pleasure. The tablet’s display type is the LCD IPS display type just like the AfriOne Gravity Z1, another product from the smartphone makers. The display resolution is 800 x 1280 pixels.


There’s this thing about tablets that their camera megapixels are relatively low compared to their smartphone counterparts. The front-facing camera of the device supports a 2-megapixel sensor, that is to say that this device tallies with that ideology. The rear camera too is also on a low, with its 5-megapixel sensor.


Brace up for impact as this is the strategic location the missile was launched. The battery capacity of the device is an audacious 6,000mAh. For this, AfriOne deserves a clapping ovation. 6,000mAh is a very re-assuring battery capacity that will support heavy usage.


You must have been waiting for this particular department of this device. Well, the AfriOne Transformer 2-in-1 tablet doesn’t disappoint in this category. It boasts of a RAM size of 2GB capacity as well as an internal memory space of 32GB capacity. However, it should be noted that the device doesn’t support the use of a microSD card.

Other features include: quad-core processor and processor speed of 1.3 GHz.

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