AGL in nigeria

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AGL launches

Game lovers gear-up because African gaming league has officially been launched in four Nigerian cities.

It’s no longer news has speculations of a physical interface or place where game players, football game players can get to meet and play for pride and bragging rights, game centers have brought people together for years right from the time of playing  Sega, PlayStation 1& 2, nitendo, game cubes and Xbox. To play Games such has mortal kombat, super Mario, street fighter, contra and football games franchises in the likes of Pro evolution soccer and Fifa. But officially now,  a Nigeria company spearheaded by Amaete Umanah has brought together a community of gamers to take on esport challenges just has the African gaming league is poised at hosting live and online tournament to all players in the sub-Saharan African.

Competitive gaming dates back to 1980, when Atari hosted Space Invaders Championship that brought together 10,000 players from all over the United State of America with the aid of improving media and technological development, people all over the world were able to stream the competition live from their p.c, so the audiences were in millions. This arcade game competition was represented in a 2015 Hollywood movie “pixels” where Adam Sandler starred.

AGL Team in PH

The African Gaming league is expected to take knowledge and learn from 1980 to make use internet and more new exciting development to bring a lovely experience to Nigerian game lovers. But just like every other thing in life, it has its own challenges has game playing is not all supported has a respectable hobby as another source of entertainment.

However, on Saturday, August 20th, 2016, the African Gaming League formally launched in 4 Nigerian cities — Lagos, Port Harcourt, Uyo, and Abuja – with players playing with intense concentration.

The gaming experience was massive fun as anticipated all through the various cities with different settings and everyone came ready to up their bragging rights

The goal of Amaete Umanah and team is to build a gaming culture where players can turn it professional and make a living from it. Like in  South Korea where people who participate win  and get big prize money and become huge celebrities  for playing games like DOTA and league of legends


Umanah himself is a gamer and uses it to relieve stress he said. “There are gamers in Nigeria,” he says,“this soft-launch proved that there are gamers and the potential for a vibrant gaming culture in Nigeria, but the scene is also unstructured.”

Ultimately Umanah and his group were proud of what they achieved. “This is a huge achievement,” he said, “it wasn’t perfect but we executed; we did something that most people just talk about, and on a shoe-string budget too.”


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