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Aeromobile founded in 1990 and since then have been trying to perfect its flying car prototype, with the first version of the 3.0 model introduced in 2014, yet it seems that this is the year that the air-to-sky vehicle will go from render to reality, with the company announcing that the new model will be availabe for pre order. The new model of aeromobil will be the company’s first commercially available vehicle and will be available for preorder within the year, with deliveries starting aproximately two years later. Aeromobil which recently $3.2 million in investment funding have already revealed that the next generation flying car will feature hundreds of improvements in both design and engineering compared to the original aerolmobil 3.0 prototype that was unveiled two and a half years ago in vienna, austria. in order to avoid any delays in getting the cars off the ground (quite literally), the vehicle has been designed in compliance with the existing regulatory frameworks for both cars and airplanes.

The Slovakia-based company AeroMobil showcased the commercial design for its flying car at an expo in Monaco and said the vehicle is now available for pre-orders at 1.2 to 1.5 million euros (or about $1.28 -$1.6 million), according to Reuters.

The aeromobil 3.0 is a completely integrated aircraft, as well as a fully functional four-wheeled car, powered by hybrid propulsion. the slovakian company have always set out to make sophisticated flying cars commercially available, heralding a new era in efficient and exciting travel. by seamlessly combining the functionality of both cars and aeroplanes, the vehicle wants to offer users an unparalleled choice of transport, whether it be by road or sky.

First deliveries for the AeroMobil Flying Car are expected to go out by 2020, the company said. The vehicle is equipped with folding wings that can swing out in less than three minutes, allowing the car to switch back and forth between driving and flight, Reuters reported.

AeroMobil aims to produce up to 500 units of the vehicle available for commercial purchase and will comply with air and road regulations, according to Reuters. Operators are required to possess both a driving and pilot license. To fly, the vehicle would need to take off from an airfield or other approved space, according to CCO Stefan Vadocz.It’s unclear whether the public will buy into the concept of flying cars considering a number of safety concerns, but governments continue to implement regulations for related technologies like self-driving cars and drones.

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