Fingerprint sensor

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Just when you think technology has solved an entire problem of phone insecurity with the use of the fingerprint sensor, but then, you are given a reason to think again. Right now, Fingerprints sensors are like the most secure option you can trust the security of your smartphone with, but here we are, being told a very different story from all we have ever thought.

Fingerprint sensor
Fingerprint sensor

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We have always known (or been told) that no fingerprints are equal, a fact which might be true too but then, i guess there is always a way about almost everything, a fingerprint sensor inclusive, which leaves me with no choice than to give proper credence to science and technology.

A group of researchers at New York University and Michigan State University recently developed fake fingerprints that are digital composites of common features found in many people’s fingerprints.  They claim that they were able to achieve accurate matches 65% of the time. The fingerprints were developed to take advantage of the small size of most fingerprint sensors found on smartphones.

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Now, what could be a potential solution to all of these? Should the size of the fingerprint sensors on our smartphones be increased or any other ideas? Let us know about all of it in the comment box.

On a relief note, the researchers only tested their findings using computer simulations, rather than on a smartphone. However, they also warned that the technology used to create artificial physical fingerprints was improving rapidly.

So with this most recent development, don’t you think that smartphone brands that really care much about security should have started moving base to a more secure option which in this case, might be the face detection or the retina or iris detection security options. I really think they should start doing so presently.

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But thinking on a different note and from a different angle, if there is actually a ,master fingerprint’, i really do not see it being available to every tom, dick and harry who wants it. Instead, it might be used for very important actions which might include having access to certain people (terrorists maybe) devices, and so on.

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