WhatsApp tips and tricks

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This the concluding part of the various things you can do on WhatsApp to make you look awesome in front of friends. You can read the first part here.

WhatsApp tips and tricks

Editing images or pictures

WhatsApp tips and tricks
Editing WhatsApp images

One of the features added to WhatsApp in the latest update is the ability to edit pictures or images before sending them.

To edit an image, just tap the camera icon beside the message bar. It would take you to the picture gallery at the bottom of the screen. Scroll to select the picture you need to edit.

Then at the top right hand corner, you can chose the desired editing icon. These include image cropping, ability to add a sticker, write a text or draw something on the image.

When you are done, just send the new Image the normal way you’d send a message.

Formatting texts

WhatsApp tips and tricks
Formating WhatsApp texts

This is one trick I use frequently on my friends. It never ceases to amaze many of them

Bold text or texts: to bold texts on a message before sending them, just add asterix (*) to the beginning and end of the word.

Italicized texts: add underscore (_) to the beginning and end of a text to turn it to italics.

Add ‘strikethrough’ to texts: just add the that squiggly line that looks like a worm (∼) in front and at the end of the text before you send it. By the way, the squiggly line is called tilde.

How to backup and restore WhatsApp chats

WhatsApp tips and tricks
How to backup and restore on WhatsApp

According to how your set-up your WhatsApp when signing in for the first time, messages are automatically backed up. The frequency of backup can also be tweaked. This is important in case you change phones for one reason or the other.

But you can also back up your conversations manually.

To do that, go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup > Backup Up Now.

Make sure to check videos so you don’t lose important videos.

For Android users though, you would be given an option to backup through WhatsApp servers or through Google Drive.

When the need to retrieve the back-upped messages arises (restore), which normally happen when you install a new WhatsApp, you’d be asked if you want to restore your backup. Hit ‘OK’ and allow a few seconds for WhatsApp to restore them.

Give your phone a break and use WhatsApp on your computer

WhatsApp tips and tricks WhatsApp on your PC[/c

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