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Google’s default Android font is relatively unobtrusive and easy-to-read, its exactly what an average smartphone user will expect it to be; clear and straight. It works quite well with app labels and text display. To put in a simple way; its looks exactly how it should look when the creators are a bunch of over proffesional nerds and nothing more. Its may may be the right font style for millions of android users, but it is definitely something much; glaringly boringly. Now the good news however is that those fonts are not set in stones , and there are bunch of also pretty glaringly easy ways to make them something much less boring. Sure our new fonts may not be as readable as android’s default serif and san-serif, but who cares! As long as you get an awesome upgrade of fonts that makes the next android user want to upgrade too, then its fun time.

Ok.. Enough of they word play, lets get down to illustrative business. A custom launcher is needed for non rooted phones, so please so to it by downloading a laucher on play store before proceeding. Custom launchers are developer- and user-designed skins that change the look of your home screen and app drawer. Several custom launchers also include custom fonts, so you
can effectively change your system font by
installing a custom launcher.
From your android device home screen, locate the settings icon and tap on it.

Now choose the display option. Your screen should look pretty much like this;

select the font option from the list of options
fonts setting

Now launch your explore app
explore home screen

Now select sdcard on the xplore menu
select sdcard

Go to the download folder
download folder

Now select your downloaded font, the downloaded font is the .tff file not the .text or .zip file. Copy the file to the font folder on your android device
.tff file display

Now select your installed font from the list of user defined fonts. for this illustration I used the android_7 font style. you are at liberty to use what ever font pleases your eye.
user defined fonts

Now depending on the font you choose to apply, the entire display setup for fonts in your android device should be totally altered to reflect the chang es. for this illustration I used the android_7 font style I downloaded and this is how it looks in my opera browser when viewing a popular Nigerian forum; nairaland
nairaland screen shot with altered font style
This illustration assumes a fore knowledge of using the xplore file manager app. Please try visiting xplore file manager review to learn more about the app

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