data consumption

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data consumption

Recent information and reports have shown that many Nigerians make use of messaging and chatting applications, further research suggests the reason is because most of these applications are either free or cheap to download and cheaper to use, According to Mobile Ecosystem Forum (MEF), 73% of Nigerian respondents think so, it also reveals that music and videos are the reason for most Nigerians high data consumption.

data rates over 2g monthly

MEF ‘s study of the behaviors of 1000 informed Nigerian smartphone users showed that 45% of respondents already buy more than 2GB of Data per month regardless of the network provider subscribed to. When consumers pay to increase their data bundle, it is mainly to consume on more mobile apps (64%) videos (52%) and music (31%). With insatiable want for more data, nearly half of respondents surveyed (48%) still expect mobile content to be free. Cost is also a major factor in messaging, 73% preference chatting applications over SMS because they are perceived to be free or cheaper. At the same time, a significant percentage (29%) value the extra functionality provided by these services, with Whatsapp (73%) dominating chat applications in Nigeria.

Rimma Perelmuter CEO of MEF said “The growth of the mobile ecosystem from more established areas like entertainment and messaging to the uptake of health, reading, transport and foods apps, along with the uptake of mCommerce and banking is encouraging and demonstrates the continued rise of the mobile economy in Nigeria”. “While the report shows strong growth in data consumption with 34% purchasing additional data, it also highlights that nearly three quarters of respondents (73%) are still held back from downloading popular services such as video & using more apps due to a lack of trust.

“The diversity in consumers’ usage is encouraging but a key enabler that drives usage is the use case”, said Adia Sowho, Director of Digital Business at Etisalat. “What localized use cases should emerge next as the existing content and financial services mature? The MEF study tells us where opportunity has been captured can be deepened and in some cases, is untouched”.

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Better network and services needs to be provided in other for data consumption to really leap and consumers needs to be well informed about the different packages available to the them, prices also needs to well stated too.

Trust is still an issue with 44% seeing it as preventing them from doing more with their phone and bandwidth issues or costs (47%) also seem to be holding the market back.

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