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Google have a note taking app known as Google Keep which unfortunately or surprisingly is not so popular. At least I’ve not met anyone using the app. Launched just over three years ago, in March 2013, Google keep has being downloaded over fifty million times from Google Play. The app is also available for iOS devices and as Web application for your PC. After testing some of the things Google Keep can do, I found it weird that the app is not pre-installed on Android phones. I mean this is one cool app that is more than just a note-taking app. Lets quickly dive into some of the stuff you can do with Google keep.

google keep

Making lists with Google Voice
As primarily a note taking app, one of the basic things Google keep does is to make a list of stuff you want or a list of the things you need to do. For example, you can title a list, ‘Wardrobe lists‘ for the things you want to add to your ageing wardrobe. Items can be added to the list without even launching Google keep. If Google Voice search is on your home screen, just tap the mic in the search bar and say something like, ‘add to my wardrobe list.’ A Google Now card appears; you can now add to your list by just calling out the items one after the other. Say, ‘finished‘ when you are done and the items would be added to your list on Google keep. You can update wardrobe list anytime until you are ready to actually hit the boutique.

OK, maybe you already have an app to remind you of stuff. And to be fair there are so many such apps out there. The thing about Google keep is that it does what the other apps do and more. If you use Google Now, the good news is that the reminder  feature is linked to Google Now.

With Google keep reminder, you have the option of setting a time reminder or location reminder. The time reminder works like the normal alarms in our clocks. The location reminder on the other hand notifies you when you are at the location or nearby. To set this, tap the reminder button at the bottom of each note in Google keep, then type in the name or address (or both) of the location. You’ll get a notification when you are nearby. And you can access the reminder through Google Now, with the note about the location you wrote down on Google keep. For this to work, your GPS must be active and the location must be on Google Map.

Share feature
Remember the wardrobe list you made earlier? Google keep gives you the option of sharing the list with a friend, or partner or somebody you feel needs to know about it. The good thing about it is that whoever you share the list with can edit the note or correct mistakes. This is a good way to corroborate on projects using Google keep.

To share a list, just tap the contact icon at the bottom of the note(in the Web app) or at the top of the note in the Android app. Then write the contacts email address or name. They would be notified by a message prompting them to accept the invite to view the note. You can always remove a contact’s name from the list anytime you choose. This can be done through the sharing menu.

Extracting text from images
Adding images to texts on Google keep is something that is very common. But one can also extract texts from images. This is convenient if you want to edit a the texts on images you took with your smartphone camera.

Here is how to do it. Import the image into Google keep either by taking a picture of it or importing it from your collection. Then open the over flow menu and select ‘Grab image text.’ in just a few seconds, Google keep would add the text under the image. Now you can go ahead and do whatever you want with the texts.

Transfer to Google Docs
You have now mastered how to extract texts from images. And you can also do some basic alteration to the texts. But if you want to do more complicated editing that is beyond Google keep, you can easily transfer the texts to Google docs.

To move items to Google docs is easy. In the app, open the note you want to move. At the bottom, tap on the ‘copy to Google doc’ icon. This would transfer all the texts and images to Google docs. The original item or note would be left on Google keep though. So you don’t have to worry about losing your notes.

After knowing the amazing things keep can do, I’ll be surprised if you don’t at least give the app a shot. But make sure your phone is an Android 4.0 or later if you want to use Google keep your smartphone.


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