iPhone 7 money wasted

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The world is still basking in what I call the ‘The annual iPhone season.’ Though this year’s season is slightly been overshadowed by all the unfortunate news around Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 phones.

iPhone 7 money wasted
iPhone 7 with AirPods

Bad news for any Samsung flagship device should be good news for Apple of course. But still, Galaxy Note 7 is as much in the news as the iPhone 7, during what should be an exclusive iPhone season.

As usual, at this time of the year, the the latest iPhone needs to be scrutinized as much as possible. And also, last week saw the usual annual long lines of iPhone enthusiasts queuing outside stores to be the first the own the gadget.

iPhone 7 money wasted
iPhone 7 queues in London last week

Many people never understand this rush to be the first to own the gadget though. It is not as if Apple would run out of stock. As a matter of fact, Apple’s fear is that there won’t be enough people willing to upgrade their previous iPhone to the latest; or enough new users join the rarefied club of iPhone users.

For those who have not bought the phone yet, you should read this piece to see what your are buying. While for those who already have the phone, the information is just what you need to give you a good perspective on that expensive, sleek gadget you just bought

The biggest problems of the iPhone 7

1.You just can’t buy any headphones or ear piece

iPhone 7 money wasted
Apple’s AirPods

Apple doesn’t consider that eliminating the 3.5mm audio port is any sort of problem at all. But the way common folks like me see it, it is a problem because I can’t just wake up and stroll to some fancy accessory store and pick any fancy ear piece for my iPhone 7.

Apple is saying that the the AirPods are the next big thing as if they don’t immediately throw up problems for common folks.

For instance, one would know have to spend a lot of money to replace defective earpiece. Which is not something you can do casually like the with the regular ones.

There is also the issue of an extra gadget to charge before it can work because you need to make sure the AirPods are charged before they can work.

The other alternative for earpiece in iPhone 7 is to use a Lightning connector. A fancy way if saying you can use a normal earpiece with iPhone 7 by connecting it to the charging port. There are two problems here:

  1. You cannot listen to music and charge the phone at the same time. You can only do one or the other. Though thinking about it, I can’t say I have seen many people who listen to music with their earpiece while the phone is charging. But I am sure many people do it in their homes. So for these people, that option is out.
  2. The adaptor that makes it possible to connect a normal earpiece to the charging port could easily get lost. Then you are faced with the problem of having to buy another one if you want to continue listening to music with your regular headphones.
Water resistant
iPhone 7 money wasted
Water resistant iPhone 7

According to Apple, the removal of the 3.5mm audio jack was inevitable if the iPhone 7 had to be water resistant. But this wasn’t a problem for the likes of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is water resistant like the iPhone 7. But unlike the iPhone 7, it has the 3.5mm audio jack.

So the question is, how come Samsung and some other OEMs can make water resistant phone with an audio jack while almighty Apple could not?

Slimmer phone

Apple also claim that to push out a slimmer iPhone, the audio jack had to go. The iPhone 7 is actually really thin at 7.1mm. However, the absence of the audio jack does not make the iPhone 7 the thinnest phone by a long shot. Samsung’s Galaxy A8 is slimmer than the iPhone 7 at 5.9mm. The audio jack obviously did stop them from achieving that.

Another phone that is slimmer than the iPhone 7 is Gionee’s Elife S8. The 5.5 inch octacore, 4GB RAM, Android Marshmallow smartphone is just 7mm. It also has a 3.5mm audio jack.

iPhone 7 money wasted
Gionee Elife S8 slimmer than iPhone 7

I think Apple is just trying to force another expensive accessory down users throat with all the noise about the AirPods. They should just own up.

After all, they have a niche product. People would still buy their stuff.

2.Wireless Charging vs Fast Charging vs Status quo

Maybe iPhone 7 did not want to attract attention to the battery specs by not including the latest technology in smartphone charging.

The battery is just 1960 mAh. That is not much of a concern since the operating system is optimized to be energy efficient. But still, having fast charging feature would give the phone the required swag that it has all the latest in terms of technology.

iPhone 7 money wasted
Wireless charging technology

Besides, these days when people are such a hurry, fast charging would be really important. Just a few minutes of charging an almost flat battery to give you hours of usage. Obviously, Apple did not think their users needed that convenience.

Many Android devices already have the fast charging feature. It is now so common that Android users are beginning to take it for granted. With the advent of huge batteries like the Gionee M5, fast charging became an absolute necessity

I think Apple are sort of missing the ball here; people expect their devices to have the best in cutting edge technology. If they were willing to discard the 3.5mm jack, and talking-up the AirPods as the future of earphones, why didn’t they just do the latest technology thing across board?

Let’s not even go into wireless charging. Apparently, that is too complicated a technology for Apple to integrate in their latest flagship.

Here is thought though, several budget mid-range devices from China already have these twin charging features known as wireless charging and fast charging.

(see conclusion here)


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