iPhone 7 money wasted

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The preceding piece about some of the problems attached to the iPhone looked at the issue of the absence of 3.5mm audio jack (or the introduction of the AirPods) and the omission of the twin features of wireless and fast charging in iPhone 7 (read full complete article here).

iPhone 7 money wasted
iPhone 7 with AirPods

The concluding part would look at 3 issues which combined with the previous 2, makes the iPhone 7 the sort of very expensive device you’d be well advised not to buy.

3. Display Resolution

Okay, I have always maintained that there is not much difference between a 1080p display and a 720p display. Sometimes manufactures just bump up the display resolution a notch to justify the new name of the gadget and the attendant price increase

But these are just numbers that don’t make much difference the consumers utility.

But I have to admit there is huge difference between a 720p display and a 4k display.

4k displays are becoming the new standard for high end phones. So can somebody tell me why the most expensive phone in the world decided to go with a 720p display resolution?

Maybe Apple would point at the 4.7 inch display size of the iPhone as a mitigating factor. That is, putting a 4k resolution on that display size is over killing it.

Or perhaps, energy optimization was one of the reasons to go for such a resolution.

iPhone 7 money wasted
Infinix Zero 3 hhas 4k resolution display

Owners of the iPhone 7 would also have to contend with the fact that apart from the 720p resolution, Android users rocking similar high end phones have larger displays and better resolutions.

But going down the price scale to mid-range devices, there are several of them with 4k resolution. The Infinix Zero 3 easily comes to mind.

iPhone 7 money wasted
Sony Xperia Z5 with 4k resolution display

For Android users, it doesn’t have to be a Sony Xperia Z5 before you get a 4k resolution.

Making the iPhone 7 plus a 1080p display cannot be a compensation for that oversight as far as I am concerned.

In today’s world of mobile technology, 720 or 1080ps resolution are like the stuff you put on children’s toys.

4. The USB-C question and Expandable storage absence

It would have been nice if Apple, instead of using the Lightning connector, had added a USB-C port that is becoming more popular by the day. As a matter of fact, it is now accepted that USB – C is the future that is here with us.

Though Apple would say legal issues prevented them from using the USB-C on the iPhone 7. My guess is that Apple did not try hard enough to overcome the legal hurdles. After all, other Apple gadgets are allowed to include the USB-C feature as part of their hardware.

iPhone 7 money wasted
USB-C cables

Another advantage of having the USB-C is that it would have made the elimination of the 3.5mmn audio jack more bearable. At least, it is easier to manage the USB-C than the Lightning cable adaptor that came with iPhone 7.

Again Apple refused to make provision for the external SD cards in the iPhone 7. Some would argue that with internal storage that starts at 32GB for the cheapest model right up to 128 GB for the more expensive models, why would you need expandable storage.

I know many folks who would not touch any phone without an expandable storage slot. There is a reason Samsung brought it back in the Galaxy S7 after ditching it in the Galaxy S6.

People just love the flexibility an external storage card grants them.

5. It is so Anticlimactic

This could be the single most important problem facing the iPhone 7. Forget the long lines and the rush to book the new phone. After the initial euphoria of getting the phones, the reviews from these early purchasers would determine if more people bought the phone.

We still have a year to go before the next iPhone. Would people be buying the iPhone 7 in droves in that period? I doubt it.

This is because, the phone doesn’t really offer anything new from the iPhone 6. The AirPods and water resistant feature can only take it that far.

The thinking in tech circles is that Apple may have decided the iPhone 7 is going to be like a stop gap device. The kind of device you send to the market while you put finishing touches to the main event, so to speak. In this case, the revolutionary device (main event) is going to be the next iPhone.

Hold on to your money

Which is a hard advice to take if you love your iPhones. But with the rumours about iPhone 8, it would be a sensible advice. That is the phone that is going to go all out to set new trends in telephone technology.

iPhone 7 money wasted
is this how the iPhone 8 will look like?

I have heard rumors of an all glass phone making the rounds. However, I won’t even hold my breath for Apple to introduce the first all glass phone.

If it is possible to make that sort of phone, trust one of the myriads of Android OEMs to release it before the next iPhone. Basically, Apple would be playing catch-up by the time they are ready with whatever ground-breaking technology they intend to use on iPhone 8.


image credit: gsmarena.com; infinixmobility.com; att-iphone-unlock.com; androidcentral.com

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