Important ways to use Facebook Messenger

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In case you have not received the memo, Facebook is making it Mandatory for all Facebook users to download their Messenger chatting app. That is, if you want to continue exchanging messages with your Facebook contacts.

Important ways to use Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger app

Since there are no viable alternative to Facebook at the moment, you might as well download the Messenger app and learn how to use it. And don’t for one second believe Messenger is only a chatting app. It is much more than that.

The fact is, Facebook are on a mission to make Messenger the one-stop app that can do almost everything we need on our smartphones. A virtual assistance to become even better than other operating systems if you like.

So before that day comes along, why not acquaint yourself with some important things Facebook Messenger can do.

Getting Friends Together in a Group Chat

Important ways to use Facebook Messenger
Messenger app Group chat

Group chat is one of the recent Messenger app updates. Though you can also use this feature through a web browser, it is more convenient using the mobile app.

Making the group chat feature simple to use on the mobile app ought to be a given since Facebook is forcing us to use the app. So making things easier on the mobile platform is a sort of compensation.

To use the feature, just tap the group icon at the bottom of the screen. Tapping it would either take you to previous group chats you were involved in. Or you can start a new group.

If you are starting a new group chat, you can add (up to 50) your friends at anytime and you can exit the group anytime you wish. You can also pin a favorite group to the top of the screen if you frequent it often. That way, it becomes like a short cut to that particular group.

Messenger Bots

Important ways to use Facebook Messenger
facebook Messenger chatbot

Chat bots in Messenger apps were announced at this year’s Facebook F8 conference. Since then, Facebook have been working with developers to make the idea a reality.

For now, interested businesses have started deploying the resources to send targeted ads to clients through Messenger. So instead of wasting time typing a long message in response to an ad you like, you can just talk to the bot. It would relay your message to the business that sent the ad in the first place. Basically, a back and forth between clients and businesses can be done easily using these bots in Messenger.

This is just one use of the bots. You can also use them to organize your itinerary for you, from booking a hotel to organizing an Uber cab.

Messenger bots are just coming. Basically, we are still in the beta stage of the vast array of stuffs bots can do. The possibilities are limitless

Messenger app as a Payment Platform

Important ways to use Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger payments

Though this option is still limited to a few countries, it fits in with how Facebook see Messenger app in the future.

In locations where this is already functional, you can send and receive money to your debit card through the Messenger app. For instance you can use it to refund money you collected from a friend in a jiffy.

In this case, you both must have your bank cards linked to the Messenger app. Other ways this can be useful is not hard to imagine. Paying for goods and services easily comes to mind.

As the Messenger app evolves, it is feasible that the Messenger app will become the world’s online default payment platform. Remember, over one billion people already have the app on their smartphones.

Make Video calls

As a mobile app with over 1 billion users and still growing, the possibility that using Messenger as the prime video calls platform is a real possibility.

Once you have the app, video call feature is ready to go. How this affects other services like Skype is anybody’s guess. But one thing is for sure, if services like Skype don’t up their game, Facebook Messenger app is going to make them obsolete.

And of Course, you can have Fun Playing Games

Important ways to use Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger games

What is the point of a utility app if there are no games on it? The latest game, football, was introduced into the app to coincide with the European and American championships that ended recently.

This followed the basketball game added to the app earlier this year. Both games it seems have become hits. Another hit game is Chess.

You can learn how to play Messenger app football game here. For basketball game, click here to test your basketball skills.

These are just five things you can do with Messenger app apart from chatting. You can discover so much more by downloading and playing around with the app. You have nothing to lose after all.


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