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When it comes to Gadgets, I so freaking love military gadgets. The are not just cool and rugged, but the are extremely useful. Nations of the world pour out billions of dollars each year for military Research and Development, this is why most major advances in technology have either come from or was inspired by th military. The US for example spends over $600bn yearly on its military, with quite a substantial amount going into hi-tech Research and Development (R&D). Things like the GPS satellites were developed by the military but are now used by everyone. There have been hundreds of inventions that now take part in our everyday life that have either have their roots in the military or were inspired by them. Today we take a look at 5 very cool and useful gadgets inspired by the military.

1.Prism 200c Backpack
prism 200c backpack
Want to feel a little geeky? Doing something like 3D scanning any building will definitely kick start that feeling. All you have to do is to place the prism 200c backpack along side the wall of the room, and via Bluetooth it connects to your smartphone and it gives you a stunning 3D image of the other side of the wall. Good thing is the backpack is designed to look like an ordinary backpack, but don’t deceived, the prism 200c is not your average backpack. This gadget is inspired by Military spec 3D scanning hardwares and is an epitome of utility when it comes Covert 3D scanning. So if you have an ex whose room you want to scan (which is not advisable if you want to keep your teeth) then the prism 200c has got you covered.

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2. X-Flex
The number of soldiers whose life have been protected from dangerous flying bullets on battlefields is quite honestly very very substantial. One of the most important assets in this protection drive is perhaps the bullet proof vest. Inspired by the bullet proof vest, the x-flex protects it users from bombs and shrapnels. Don’t be deceived by it simple looks, its just one those gadgets that you see and you’re like ” there is no way this stuff is gonna work”, but hei, it actually works. All you have to do is put the wallpaper …. (Yes a wallpaper) on any house and automatically transform it into a bunker that can withstand a bomb blast! Apologies to our Arab brothers, but if you are planning on hitting the middle east any time soon, you might want to pack some of this.

3.Sarcos Exoskeleton
sarcos exoskeleton
I want you to picture this – That awkward moment when you feel like a Superman but have no superpowers to boast of!. We’ve probably all had our awkward moments, but some of them can be avoided quite alright. So, the next time you are of feeling like jacking up a pair of ridiculously heavy load or looking all gadgets studded like a cyborg – you might want to get your self a sarcos exoskeleton. Its not a robot, but a wearable technology that turns the wearer into a superhero. It gives the user great strength and incredible speed. Granted, it won’t give you those much coveted Superman laser vision but you will easily pass for a real life iron man.

4.Dragonfly Surveillance Robot
dragonfly surveillance robot
This little robots is everyone’s friend, at least if you’re not the one its spying. The are so tiny that the are barely noticeable which makes them one of the best gadgets for your private covert spy mission. Spying on just about anything just got easier, all you have to do is seat at the comfort of your home and aautonomously navigate your way into “enemy territory”. The technology could also be used to search for survivors during accidents or in collapsed buildings.

5.BodyGuard Electro Gauntlet ( ArmStar)
bodyguard electro gauntlet
Hiring professional bodyguards these days doesn’t come cheap especially if you intend to carry them) around quite often. If by some diabolic means your next destination is certainly going to involve some serious hand combat, you might want to strap this piece on your wrist before making the trip. It may look like something Batman may put on, but this gadget delivers 500.000 V to who ever is ‘sane’ enough to confront you – now that’s the perfect bodyguard.

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