4 awesome Android frewalls

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Firewall apps for Android phones are very important if your aim is to control how apps in your phone use data. This is even more pertinent if your income doesn’t support unlimited monthly data.

4 awesome Android frewalls
Android Firewall

There two excellent firewalls already reviewed here. The first is my favourite, the awesome Droidwall. The second, NoRoot firewall is just as good. From the name of the second firewall, you’d know you don’t have to root your phone before using NoRoot firewall unlike Droidwall. Apart from these differences, both of them do the job very well.

However, for one reason or the other, some people would love to have more options to chose from. And since I am an advocate of giving users as many choices as possible, I decided to do a mini review of four more firewalls.

This way, you have six very good firewalls to chose from. You can chose whichever one works well for you.

Mobiwol: NoRoot Firewall

4 awesome Android frewalls
Mobiwol NoRoot Firewall

Let’s start this by kicking off with a firewall that shares same name with the already mentioned NoRoot Firewall.

With Mobiwol, you are not just getting an app that would stop apps from unnecessarily eating up your your data when you don’t want them to.

You are also getting a decent battery saver to help you optimize the battery life of your phone.

Also, Mobiwol acts as a sort of VPN, in the sense that you can make your online activities very secure and private. You won’t be able to change your location though.

Blocking apps from using the internet with this app is very easy. And if you encounter that rare case of an app refusing to listen to the command from Mobiwol, you have the option of restricting the amount of data it uses.

Another good fearure of Mobiwol is that your phone gets a notification when a new app tries to use up your internet so that you can have the option of blocking it or allowing it.

AFWall + (Android Firewall +)

4 awesome Android frewalls

Like any decent firewall, AFWall + has a simple user interface so that after installation, you don’t have much problems using it.

Unfortunately, like Droidwall, this is only for those whose devices have root permissions, i.e, you must have rooted your phone. But if you want to enjoy one of the best firewalls, I guess rooting your device is a small sacrifice to make.

What makes this firewall so effective is the iptables Linux codes used in making it. Which means it can work very well in almost all Android devices.

Because you had to root your device to use it, you also have the benefit of being able to hide your lock screen notifications if you wished.

NoRoot Data Firewall

4 awesome Android frewalls
NoRoot Data Firewall

From the name, you don’t need root access to use this firewall.

Installing the app is quite easy too. A standout feature of this app is that it can block background apps while only letting only active apps use data.

The app also gives you logs about the internet activity of all your active apps separately. That way you can be able to know exactly how much data each individual app consumes.

The dashboard for controlling internet access for each app also gives you the ability to provide timed access. For instance, you can set the timer to allow an app just one hour to use your data. After one hour, NoRoot Data Firewall shuts down access for that app.


4 awesome Android frewalls

NetGuard is another very good firewall that allows you to monitor how much data each app is using up while it has internet access. With this function, you can easily pinpoint apps that consume the most data.

NetGuard too has a simple and easy to operate user interface. With NetGuard you have the choice of blocking apps from the internet while roaming and block stubborn system applications from accessing the Internet.

This can come in handy if you are tired of all those apps popping up with messages for you to update them or in extreme cases, updating automatically without your say so.

I have not really tried having more than one firewall on any of my devices. To be on the safe side, it is better to always uninstall or disable one firewall before trying out another.

But I assure, if you get the hang of one, you won’t have any reason to ditch it for another. Basically, all of them do the same things and very effectively too.


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