frankfurt motor show

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It is now just four days to the Frankfurt Motor show. We continue our countdown to the beginning of the European showpiece motor show. The first two installments of the series can be found here and here. Have a quick look in case you missed some of next year’s defining cars.

frankfurt motor show

Today, unlike yesterday where we looked at four the different models BMW is exhibiting at the Frankfurt Motor show, we will take a look at three superb cars from three different car makers. The only thing common about today’s cars is just the tires on each car.

As usual just sit back, relax and just enjoy the ride.

Not many people have heard the name Borgward associated with a car maker before. But this German automaker has a solid pedigree steeped in the history of car manufacturing.

So after about a 54 year absence, Borgward are going to make a comeback in the auto industry with the BX 7. And what better platform to do this than the Frankfurt Motor show. The model to be shown at Frankfurt is a seven-seater SUV fitted with a turbocharged 2.0 litre 220bhp petrol engine. It also comes with a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. And like any proud SUV, it is a four wheel drive car.

frankfurt motor show

The revived company is expected to focus on the Chinese market and other emerging markets where SUVs and European made cars are very popular. Consumers in Europe have to wait till 2017 before they can get a taste of what this comeback company is offering with the BX 7.

Bugatti is set to bring the virtual world of car racing to an exciting reality at the Frankfurt Motor show. Taking a lot of inspiration from its racing heritage, Bugatti’s Vision Gran Turismo concept car is designed to be a tribute to its illustrious racing past, specifically the wins at Le Mans in 1937 and in 1939 in a T 57 Tank.

frankfurt motor show

Since Gran Turismo was launched in 1997 as a PlayStation game, this is the first time Bugatti will be forming a partnership with Gran Turismo or is being featured in the virtual car racing game.

This concept car has many reflection of all those popular Bugatti cars like the Veyron. For instance, running down the length of the car is the centrally located fin which must have originated from the 1937 T 57 Atlantic; while the two hues of blue colors is a glowing salute to the T 57G Tank. Bugatti’s Hallmark also has its imprint on the car with the horse shoe shape of the grille. Inside the car, the designs and fittings also reflect Bugatti’s rich heritage in the racing car niche.

The question now for Bugatti is, after this stunning concept car, what next? Is this how the next generation of Bugatti cars would look like? Would the highly anticipated Bugatti Chiron look anything like this? Remember, the Chiron is Bugatti’s next vintage, so they can’t afford to slip up in any way.

Citroen’s centre piece at the Frankfurt Motor show is the Cactus M. The car looks like a buggy, a beach buggy to be precise. Well if a car has a waterproof interior, inflatable roof and tough plastic panels, then it is safe to be assume it was made with the intention it is going to be near a lot of water. A beach for instance? OK, what about the fact that the inflatable roof can double as a tent, and the seats can fold down into a couch? Definitely an outdoor car with high tech electronic gadgets to help you navigate the great outdoors.

frankfurt motor show

The car is powered by a 1.2 liter, automatic six-speed gear box petrol engine. For now Citroën is saying the car is purely in the concept stage, but it is assumed that sooner than later, they would start pushing the car out of the assembly lines as they seem keen to add more SUVs to their range of cars.

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