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While we are not all machines that’d know what to type and how to type it at all times, as even a Professor of English could still make mistakes, the need for applications like GrammarPal arises, and here it is. Thing is, it was created by a Nigerian and I so love that.

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On PC, it is quite easy to check for grammatical errors as you are availed with extensions like Grammarly & many others, but this is not the case and cannot be said for your Smartphone. As there are not much apps that serve the purpose here.

Unlike the default spell checker on our phones, which is only meant to check our for spelling errors, GrammarPal checks out for so much more than that. The Nigerian developed app “tries” to find all other kinds of grammatical errors across any app on your device.

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1. To get started, download the app (on the Play store, no app store for now) install and grant it the necessary permission it requires.

2. After doing this, GrammarPal will trigger a floating icon that will only appear when you are typing (This works across all apps).

3. After typing, you can tap on the floating icon to scan what you’ve typed, it will then show you how many errors you’ve made.

4. To correct, tap on the floating icon and make the necessary corrections.

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According to people’s review, they have attested to the fact that GrammarPal is a very easy to use application. It is very good that they have stood out of the crowd as the same cannot be said of most Nigerian made applications.

This should serve as a motivation for most of other software developers that they should start solving problems with these applications, just as GrammarPal is doing. Before you can develop something that’d be accepted by the whole world, it has to be accepted by your local market first.

The developer of this app is Kizito Nwose, an Android Software Developer. Let’s hear what you think of the application.

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  1. This development is quite astounding and I extremely impressed to know that we Nigerians very much talented and intellectual people. Those even in diaspora are doing us proud. I’m impressed!

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