Google Allo tips and tricks

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Google launched Allo, the instant messaging app with Google Assistant integrated into it, almost exactly a month ago. So far, the chat app has not disappointed users.

Google Allo tips and tricks

Allo, like any other wonderful app, is the sort of app you discover new ways to make it work for you everyday; the more you use it, the better it gets. Or to put it another way, the more you spend time on it (which is what Google really wants) the more you discover new and interesting ways to use it.

Here are some very useful things you can do easily with Allo.

Make Allo your personal Scheduler

Google Allo tips and tricks
Allo as scheduler

Though this function is present in most smartphones, it is more fun having to use Allo to organize future events and daily routines. The work of real life secretaries is becoming more redundant.

While in the app, you tell Allo to add certain events and meetings to your calendar. Allo, like a good assistant, would ask you for clarifications on time and other necessary details.

After answering the query correctly, Allo would update your calendar to reflect the changes including timed reminders if you need them.

Allo, the search engine Wannabe

Google Allo tips and tricks
Allo search

As you hang out with Allo, your new best friend, tons of important information would be exchanged between you two. The problem is that some of these info might be forgotten in the daily grind of trying to survive.

Don’t worry. Allo stores everything you two have ever chatted about. So if want something important recalled for you but have forgotten the gist of it, you could ask the question again which is the easiest option.

But if you want to see all chats relates to that question, it’s best you do an Allo search.

To search on Allo, tap the icon at the top right hand corner of the interface to bring out the search option. Tap ‘search’ and proceed to type the key words of what you need recalled.

Allo would bring out all the related terms to your key words so you can look a them one after the other.

Allo takes some of the work from Google photos

Google Allo tips and tricks
Allo, smart photo curator

Google photos is one of Google’s most advanced app. The app has been updated several times to a point where it does the important job of curating your photos for you without your say so.

Now with Allo, Google Photos can take a rest and only do the crucial job of storing our photos.

With your Allo linked to your Photos app, you can tell it to show you all sort of pictures. It would instantly bring up the photos you took 3 months ago during a field trip if you ask it to.

It would efficiently flip through the hundred of photos you have in storage and show you what you need.

But in making the request, you have to tell Allo to look into Photos for the images, otherwise it would do an internet search for that specific photo instead.

Make Allo your source of current news

Google Allo tips and tricks
Allo news

You can use Allo to subscribe to as many news outlet as you want and get trending news send to your device as they break.

Just tell Allo you want to subscribe to news services. Allo would ask for the frequency of the news and at what time you need them. After answering these queries, Allo would set up the system for you to receive the news you desire at the time you want them.

Anytime you feel like making any changes to your choice news items, just inform Allo. It would guide you through the alterations you requested.

Allo, the stand up comedian

Be warned though, some of the jokes Allo dishes out can be very dull.

However you could get a gem of a joke that would get you spilling your morning coffee on your desk if you are not careful.

As usual, just ask Allo to tell you a joke and Google Assistant would take over from there.

So if you are thinking of emceeing an event, Allo can help you out with some jokes to keep guests smiling.

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