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The long faceoff between Instagram and Snapchat might have just tilted in favor of Instagram with this new development. Well, maybe it has always been in favor of Instagram since the very beginning if the numbers do not lie.

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Instagram stories, for example, attracts 200 million daily active users (DAUs), which puts it ahead of Snapchat, which reported just 161 million daily active users — and features. Now, this is quite fishy as the cue for Instagram stories was evidently drawn from Snapchat. But then, when other things are put into consideration like Instagram’s already established and growing user base before the stories feature was launched unlike Snapchat’s just growing, we would sure be convinced.

Instagram monthly active users stats
Instagram monthly active users stats

The latest feature added to the android version of the app is the ability to use the platform even when you are not connected to the internet, which could be really useful in developing countries like ours – we’ll talk about this later.

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With this, you’ll be able to see content previously downloaded, you can also leave comments, like and save posts, even unfollow other users; Once your device connects back to the server, everything you did will be executed in the background.

Talking about our developing country atmosphere, you’d agree with me that internet connection or network is definitely not at its peak in Nigeria, or some other developing countries too, which might make this Instagram feature a bae to many of us.

I think it would be better if a whole lot of things could be done in an offline mode then all will be executed once internet connection is great, than to be splitted and cause frustration for users which might be as a result of the very poor internet we have. (I’m here wishing Zuck’s plan had worked out well then).

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Asides from that, they have also introduced a Pinterest-like feature that creates multiple collections of saved Instagram posts.

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