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Virtual Reality: the grand illusion of the occulus rift .
Occulus rift

When the first thing you see after launching a VR app is a vivid “near real” avatar of a dinosaur panting angrily towards you like a real life enactment of the Android game dino hunter or an MQ-9 reaper drone projecting hellfire missiles at you, the chances of not getting “motion sickness” are quite fairly very slim.
However, this hasn’t stopped thousands of curious members of the elite gaming community, netizens and developers alike from venturing into illusionary world of the occulus rift.

Not just an illusion.

The illusion in the occulus rift is just a perception. The magic of presence does the job. From the moment you put on the less than 380gram piece of technology, you become completely immersed in an opposite world which looks completely lifeline. You can run,fight,jump,fly and pull of gravity defiying stunts and do things gamers for decades have only fantasized about, actions which were hitherto only possible in Hollywood SciFi dramas. The Oculus Rift DK2(development kit2) which is the latest prototype of the rift packs a 5-inch OLED display with a resolution of 960 x 1080 pixels per eye and a 100-degree field of view. The headset has a refresh rate of up to 75 Hz, with an internal- tracking update rate of 1000 Hz and a positional-tracking update rate of 60 Hz. it also has ports for HDMI and USB 2.0. Talk about the perfect gaming gadget.

Non gaming application
The occulus rift is primarily a gaming gadget but saying that’s just what it is would most appropriately be a fallacy. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg whose company snapped up the VR startup at a $2billion price said that the headset “has the
chance to create the most social platform ever”. Just how Facebook intends to do this remains but a fairy tale. Indications however emerged that the VR gadget could come quite handy in medical field. Armed with a network connected rift a doctor could examine a patient more realistically from a considerable distance, giving the patient a more realistic feel than prevailing internet doctor-patients sessions. But then again that’s left for the techies at Facebook and silicon valley to figure out.

Microsoft onboard.
The occulus rift is PC powered and will be compatible with windows 10.What’s more intriguing is that the Rift consumer edition will come boxed with an Xbox One control pad and will be capable of streaming Xbox One games.

The Xbox control pad.

So if you are game enthusiast, here is one more reason to look out for occulus rift consumer kit release. With Microsoft onboard the occulus ship, chances of it sinking are quite low.The Xbox One control pad is included for hard-core gaming and is described by Oculus as a “key part of the broader VR input puzzle”.
“You can imagine if Microsoft and Sony can go
out and subsidize consoles because there’s enough money to be made on software and other areas, then there’s the potential that this, in partnership, could get subsidized” occulus CEO said during a presd conference. Although he didn’t delve into specifics, and it doesn’t sound like there’s anything specific being planned, Iribe says they could earn recurring revenue from a VR game and ask a lower upfront price for the headset.

Spending a few a few hundred bucks to get a VR gadget, Oops! an Occulus rift i mean is not all, in fact its just about the beginning, you need hardwares, really good ones that are compatible with the rift to enjoy the Virtual Experience.That means you’ll need an expensive video card and a fast processor. Other entries into the virtual Reality space, notably Sony’s project Morpheus and Google’s project Cardboard might affect the way things proceed for the Occulus rift. Both VR technologies promises a wonderful VR experience, only difference being that while the later (Sony’s and Google’s) come packed as one gadget, the Occulus rift require other hardwares to funtion and quite honestly the prospect of end users throwing in extra bucks on extra hardware just to experience a more vivid gaming VR is unhealthy when the can easily get a single gadget with less requirements.

The Price and Final Release Date
Virtual reality won’t be cheap. While the consumer version of the Rift has been revealed, the company hasn’t provided any pricing details. All we know is that Oculus plans a price south of $400. Whether or not the price will include the recently revealed motion controllers is unknown.

The Occulus motion controllers.

Little is also known of their consumer version final release date, the company merely confirmed speculations that the rift is going to be on sale at the girst quarter of 2016.

What games to expect.

Gaming isn’t quite really my strong suit, but when it comes to gaming above other things, the rift sure has it coming. These are few games to expect on the rift when it’s finally released;
The Witness by Playfulcorp.com
Lucky’s Tale by sanzaru.com
VR sports challenge by insomniacgames.com
Edge of nowhere by reload-studios.com
World war toons by Crytek.com
Robinson: the journey by ccpgames.com

The verdict.
The rift indeed promises a wonderful user experience, but don’t buy it just yet, even if you have a few extra bucks lying around. The reason being quite simple, just like with any other new technology innovation, the first trials and error experience aren’t always very Rossy. So until all is done and said concerning the rift by experts and those who have somehow got their hands on the rift, my advice is keep your extra bucks close…

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