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Hey guys.. we’re now in the month of February and as tradition demands, we have brought to our darling reader the tech dose for this month. Trust me, no over dose and no under dosage. For those who might have missed the mid-january dose you can read that RIGHT HERE. You would surely enjoy that.

The month of February is filled with or was filled with a whole lot of tech activities which I’d be outlining them for you one after the other. Trust me not to miss any vital detail out of it. And please, be sure to share this post immediately after reading, we’ll be extremely glad. So techies, let’s move.

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In all the activities that occurred in the month of February, one that actually caught lots of attentions was the way at which the people at HMD GLOBAL – the company making Nokia branded phones has proved to be the best thing that happened to the resurrection of these phones.

First on their list was the advent of the introduction of the NOKIA 6 Smartphone which was the brand’s first official android powered smartphone. Yes, they did it. But then, we’ve got a lot to talk about this.

The Nokia 6 was highly welcome by the folks at the smartphone market – I mean by everyone, me and you inclusive – and to the extent that it actually was sold out in less than a minute. Now, of that isn’t genius enough, I don’t know what is.

Talking of the special abilities of this phone, I couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw a video proving how strong the Nokia 6 is. Would you believe that the smartphone could actually crack a walnut? Now, close your mouth and let us continue. This was how slowly and steadily, Nokia penetrated their way into the hearts of millions of smartphone users.

Still talking on Nokia, there was a report that the Nokia 6 may get a lower version – the Nokia Heart. Another report also held that Nokia was planning to Nokia was planning to revive the Nseries, only that this time, it’ll be an android version of it.

Again, just recently, Nokia made another headline after there were insinuations that the Nokia 3310 could probably make a comeback. Holy genius! You remember how well a lot of people were in love with this phone in those days? Well, Nokia wants to leverage on that to bring their comeback plan home. And so far, they’ve been doing pretty well. So dear techies, let’s give it to Nokia, THEY ARE THE KING OF COMEBACKS.



Adolf Hitler Personal Telephone

I’m sure you heard the news but let’s still talk about it. Well, so they just woke up one morning and decided to put Adolf Hitler’s ‘telephone of destruction’ up for auction. An auction which starts at $100,000. Seriously?

Now as a techie, how much would be your bid for that telephone. Please put in consideration its specs, abilities and all. I’d love to see your comments.



Snapchat $4 billion IPO
Evan Spiegel And Mark Zuckerberg; ready for a long battle against each other

Well, nobody is alien to the way Facebook has been copying a lot of Snapchat’s feature. Well, the face off took another turn as Evan Spiegel’s girlfriend called out Facebook for doing that. She was actually angry that Facebook is stealing her boo’s creativity.. he he.. now that’s true love I think. Does that even exist? (Story for another day).

But then, the copycat attitude of Facebook has been on since Instagram stories, and now to “Whatsapp Status” which is more like whatsapp stories. Thought, if you look at this critically, you would not even have an atom of pity for the supposed victims, Snapchat, as they have also done similar things in the past. Did you know that snapchat has once admitted to stealing ideas from artists for its photo filters. More like a case of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. He he.. I laugh in Swahili. *wicked grin*



YES. No chance in hell does Samsung want to risk what happened to the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone to happen again with the Galaxy S8 so they have decided to take some precautionary measure against this. You might be wondering how they did this. I’ll surely tell you about it.

Days back, there were very reliable reports that Samsung would be replacing some SDI and ATL batteries with Sony. I wouldn’t blame them at all, because they should have from the beginning, not put all their eggs in one basket –  this basket has ironically been serving them for a very long while now. But then, you’be got to do what you’ve got to do, right? And in this case, Samsung was not ready to risk anything. The adventures they were forced to embark on during the Note 7 saga would be a point of reference for the company, probably for life.



Blackberry never make smartphone again
John Chen, Blackberry CEO

Hmm. It feels very good when you make the news headlines, but when it is for a blatantly wrong reason, then sorry bro, dude, sister, babe and whoever, it isn’t cool at all.

Well, quite unfortunately, I have to admit that BlackBerry made the news headline for the wrong reason. They made it for a very heartbreaking reason and this was that the market share of the Blackberry OS now sits comfortably at just 0.0%. Did i just break your heart? Sorry i did, but that is the new reality. I’m sorry for them too.



nuTonomy, Grab, Driverless taxis

Impressive uber made some very too headlines this month and it is glaring that they’re surely still at the top of their game regardless of whatever.

Some weeks back – a week or two – Uber launched a service called UberHIRE. UberHIRE enables users to hire cars in India, and this is to be done in an unconventional way. One unique thing about the UberHIRE service is that hired cars are staffed with a driver who handles multiple journeys. Good one Uber.

Well, we also heard that big transport Daddy, Uber, just hired NASA engineer Mark Moore. Do you want to know why they did this? Then stay with me. Uber is having a plan – a very big one – and it is called Uber Elevate. The plan is to launch a fleet of electric aircrafts for on-demand aviation and is set to design these ‘cars’ to take off and land vertically, travel 100 miles on a single charge and has set 2021 as the due date.



French man smashes iPhones, Mac

You don’t expect a whole month to pass by and you won’t hear of anything from the stables of Apple, do you? Well, I don’t. In February, one very good plus to Apple Inc. was the fact that they agreed to terms with the Indian government to start production of iPhone in India.

I’d say it is a plus to everyone – a win-win situation for both parties, as it would translate to low cost of production, hence, low selling price of the iPhone in India and it will also open Apple to a larger market in the most popular country in the world. Kudos.

Still on Apple, there’s something new about we heard about the upcoming iPhone 8. What could that be, you might ask. Well, the iPhone 8 has been rumored to feature Apple’s first wireless charging feature. Wow.. while other brands – a few though – have inculcated the wireless charging feature into whatever they are making, dear Apple decided to wait till 2017 and iPhone 8 too. By the way, its still a rumor. Its not yet certain sef. SMH. Let’s move on jor.




Some things are enough to get someone too tiring sef. What should concern the FG with my private phone calls, emails, messages and so on. Private should remain private. Why have they decided to blatantly infringe on the privacy of citizens. And no, i’m not just talking about the Nigerian government, but it goes to the Kenyan government as well.

In this same month of February, the Nigerian government have acquired a satellite which they claim have eavesdropping ability. So better be careful in all you do. Also, in this same vein, towing this same not too good part, the Kenyan government may soon monitor the phone calls, text messages, and mobile money transactions of its citizens. Too bad jor. Why are they taking away our privacy? What else would be left then?



Not exactly though, I’d rather say smart Verizon. So because of the incessant security breaches that yahoo have experienced in a while, dear buyers Verizon decided to take advantage of that. Verizon requested a pay cut on the price at which yahoo is being sold to them. Can you guess how much? A whooping $250 million cut. I say no more. *mouths sealed*.




Okay, the corruption fighters ( I am one too ). Whistle blowing just got a lot more easier in Nigeria as you can now do it anonymously (but how would you get your 5%). Well, the ICPC has launched an app, “wahala dey” to notify them when “wahala dey”. It is a whistle blowing app to send petitions to the ICPC.

See, if everything were to be all tech, life would be a whole lot easier.


Hmmm… so amongst the lots of headlines which made the month of February 2017, we decided to bring you the above. You’ve got to stay tuned for our next on the series which would be the dose for the month of March.

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We hope you didn’t have an overdose or an under dose of our products. We are TechProducts and we wish you a splendid month of March.

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