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Seedstars Maputo, the Seedstars World contest version in Mozambique has selected twelve startups.

The startups that were selected for the competition are from diverse sectors of the technology field in Mozambique. The startups that got selected will pitch their products and solutions before panel of judges on the 14 June 2017 at the Standard Bank Incubator. Then, a winner will emerge, who will represent Mozambique at the global finals of the Seedstars World competition.

As was said in the news about the launch of Seedstars Maputo, not more than $500,000 was raised for the competition. The startups selected are emerging startups that are not more than 2 years old.

The startups that were selected include:

the African textile market by offering brands customized prints produced on demand in small quantities.

Kharin,Lda – a startup that promotes cultural values and tourism in Mozambique.

Olenvo – an edtech startup that connects teachers to students using a very comfortable medium.

Publiaki – a mobile app for an economic friendly carwash service that does the custom service scheduling and has no water usage.

Side – an educational startup that can helps in connecting parents who need tutors for their children, and also to create an avenue to get new materials and resources for the children’s learning.

Supevy – a startup that highlights good products and services close by to users, with reviews from customers, and prices review.

buycomz – an e-commerce platform for international luxury products that can be easily paid for, with services such as free shipping.

CrimeDown – a USSD and mobile platform that helps citizens locate police stations with ease so as to report crimes at a fast pace.

Dream Solutions Enterprise – a startup that’s primarily involved in events management.

Fakul – an edtech startup that offers a lively yet inexpensive way to get students prepared for University Admission Examinations with a time frame of just 20 days.

Karingana Wa Karingana Textiles – a platform aiming to revolutionize the textile industry in Mozambique.

MóvelCare – a mobile insurance service that uses mobile phones to access funeral insurance without the use of internet.

Tech4Kids Academy – an edtech startup aimed at children, especially girls, and aiming to use technology to provide adequate learning atmosphere.

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