Hurray! Facebook proves once again that when it comes to being innovative and creativity, they only get better and better with time. Fine wine comes to mind right? LOL
Just when you thought you have seen and had it all from Facebook, they let another cat out of their bag. This time around, the cat is the new “Group Video Calling” feature.

However, only a maximum of six users can video call at the same time as Facebook doesn’t want to force everyone in a group to participate. Facebook Product Manager Andrew Song was quoted saying “not everyone is always video-call ready.”
“We designed this experience with mobile phones in mind,” Song said. “And we were trying to figure out how we can create this party or fun atmosphere with a set of people. Being able to get in the same space and have that energy that you would if you were in the same physical space is what this is really for.”
If the video call limit has filled up (i.e if six users are already in a video call), you can’t join in but you can still see what’s going on, respond, and interact through text messages or your voice. Facebook says up to 50 people can listen in a group call and “chime in via voice” or continue to send messages as well.
Also, you have to create a group or belong to an already existing group to be able to enjoy this feature. Each person in the group can join the group video call whenever they’re ready with a tap on the group video call icon. It doesn’t end there, you can as well ring certain members in the group or the whole group.
Song says the Product Management team is focusing on its next billion users, and believes that recently introduced features like Instant Games, and Instant Video are key to attracting a new audience while maintaining its current user base.
The group video call update is rolling out globally on iOS and Android platform.
So “TechProducters”, what’s your take on this new Group Video Calling feature? Are you looking forward to trying it out soon? Or you think it’s no big deal?
Why don’t you let us know your thoughts in the comment box. We’d love to hear from you.

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